SK Social Service

The term corporate sustainability is of relatively recent vintage. Not so the philosophy of social responsibility that underlines the SK way of conducting its businesses. The multitude of social development the Group has nurtured from its earliest days flows from a wellspring of voluntary, as opposed to obligatory, commitment

Activities at Patan, North Gujarat

SK Balmandir

We conduct a SK Balmandir wherein nearly 300 students are given training every year for instilling the fundamentals of basic education. The school is being conducted by nearly 25 sincere and hard working well paid teachers who have all made a cohesive team to conduct the affairs of the school without a Principal, a Manager or a Headmistress.

SK School of Business Management

Our trust has established SK School of Business Managementunder the ages of North Gujarat University. Out this institute has been recognized as one of the few best management studies school.

SK Blood Bank

We assisted in establishing SK Blood Bank in Patan, North Gujarat. We continue to assist by providing financial support and if required personal involvment.

Remedial Teaching Classes

Since last 15 years or more we have been organizing and conducting Remedial Teaching Classes for providing educational assistance to the weaker section of the society, for students of VIII, IX, X & XI standards for English, Maths & Science subjects. Nearly 300 – 350 students take advantage of these classes which are being conducted for 1 ½ hours everyday in the morning. We charge annual fee of Rs. 400/- and try to select best sincere teachers for these classes.

SK Drinking Water Fountain

We have built a cold drinking water fountain at Bhagwada Darwaza in Patan, North Gujarat. We have installed a fully stainless steel water cooler and employed people who serve cold and purified drinking water to the members of the public through out the day.

SK Tower

We have established a beautiful and modern water fountain and clock tower in the heart of Patan.

Activities at Mumbai

SK’s Sumangal Medical Centre (Medical & Dental Division at Manor, Thane District)

SK’s Free Bed Facility at Hindu Sabha Hospital (Ghatkopar)

SK’s Free Bed Facility at Balabhai Nanavati Hospital (Vile Parle)

SK’s Paryushan Vykhyan Mala through Mumbai Jain Yuvak Sangh


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